The Nightingale’s Own Brother

Concert as part of “The Queenes Chappell” consort.

Announcement text:

“The Elizabethan and Jacobean periods in England, roughly encompassing the years 1559 – 1625, saw a flowering of a uniquely English style of music. No musical tradition can truly be said to be entirely separated from that of its neighbours‘, but the active distancing of the Anglican church from its continental counterparts became a major driving force for a new tradition of English-language church music. Composers such as William Byrd, Thomas Tallis, John Bull and Orlando Gibbons thrived under this new challenge, writing many beautiful pieces of sacred music in English, despite many of them retaining their Catholicism on a personal level.

This music found its home in many settings: the grandest cathedrals and the Chapel Royal, through to the homes of musical enthusiasts accompanied by viol consort.”

The event is finished.


Oct 08 2022




St Mary le Strand
St Mary le Strand, WC2R 1ES London


The Queenes Chappell

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